Saturday, September 21, 2019
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NATO To Increase Presence In Eastern Europe

NATO has announced that it is taking immediate steps to boost its military presence in Eastern Europe in response to what they describe as, Russian "aggression" in Ukraine.

GM To Seek Court Protection In Ignition Cases.

General Motors Co has announced that it will seek protection from a US bankruptcy court against an increasing number of lawsuits relating to an...

Indian Court Recognizes Transgender as Third Sex

In a landmark ruling, the Indian Supreme Court has officially recognized transgender as a third gender. The Court said; "It is the right of...

Berlusconi to work as a Carer for the elderly

An Italian court has sentenced former Italian Prime minister and billionaire, Silvio Berlusconi to serve one-year community service caring for the elderly.

West continues to dilly-dally with Putin

American President Barack Obama has urged Russian President to make pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine stand down, after violent clashes. The two leaders discussed the...

Subway to Expand to 3000 stores by 2020

Fast food franchise Subway is planning a massive expansion drive that will see the company open 1300 more restaurants over the next 6 years. The...

Woman`s life Destroyed By Alcohol

A 35-year-old mother of four who reportedly drank 24 cans of beer a day is in hospital, dying from the effects of heavy drinking....

Kim Kardashian Racially Abused

Kim Kardashian was racially abused by an 18-year-old man, in an unprovoked attack while arriving at a doctor`s office. Celebrity news website TMZ broke...