The difference between the successful one percent and the rest of the population who struggle from paycheck to paycheck is that they know what brings success and what doesn’t.

The key is to have intelligence and have the sense to know what activity brings what results.

If your intention is to become successful then it would be absolutely foolish to do things that do not bring you success.

Therefore, in this article, I will discuss briefly some of the things that have no capacity to make you successful. Of course, let`s be clear, – some of the activities I mention are not bad.

That’s not the point I am making. Good or bad is not the issue. The question is, does doing it bring you success or not.

1.Having A Job

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Before I proceed let me point out that I am not saying go and quit your job. Far from it! I am just saying that having one will never make you successful. Unless off course, you work on Wall Street.

Otherwise, the majority of people that have jobs will never taste the rich lifestyle. Not through their jobs anyway.

Some may become very comfortable, but never rich. For instance, in the UK, it takes 30 years for someone who earns £36,000 per year to earn £1 million.

Assuming that these are net annual earnings, they still would not be a millionaire because this amount represents what they would have EARNED, and not what they would have saved.

Their savings from that would probably be a third of that – and that is if they are really, really, disciplined at saving.

In any event, the majority of us don’t even earn that much so it`s even more unlikely that we could ever become successful from having a job.

But at least you will have job security so it`s not that bad. Well, not anymore. These days in such volatile economic conditions, job security is now a myth. There is no longer any such thing as safe jobs.

Anyway, if you really want to become successful, then it will certainly not happen from the job. You will need to explore other options. So it’s a good thing is, you are reading this article. Hopefully, it will inspire you to start thinking out of the box.

2.Biographies & Self-help Books

The Book Reading Poor Man

This is an issue that truly burns a fire in my heart. A lot of people waste so much time sitting around doing nothing other than reading self-help books and successful people`s biographies. Now as I said at the beginning there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

But, while you will end up knowing a lot of success stories, you will also remain as broke as piecrust. Of course, that’s assuming you were broke when you started.

But think about this, what would you rather choose, – creating your own success story, or reading lots of success books with no money in the end? Clearly, the first choice makes a whole lot more sense.

Some people are excellent book critics. They write eloquent, well thought out criticisms of books on Amazon reviews and other book-critics` forums and platforms. But sadly for most, that’s all they do.

They do nothing else to bring positive changes to their lives. Instead, they then go on to look for the next book to read and review. Let me say this, in every book that you read, there is always something you can learn.

Indeed some books suck. I mean they really do suck. But if you look closely in the worst book you ever read, you will find that there is always something positive you can get from it.

The funny thing is those who find nothing positive that they can use in bad books, still, do nothing when they finally find that great book which they love. Bad books are not the problem here. Always remember that; 

An extremely bad book never prevents anybody from becoming successful. Similarly, an excellent, best-selling book doesn’t make anyone success.

We should look at ourselves and reform our personalities such that we become Action people and not mere passive readers.

Now I am not saying don’t read. Reading empowers you intellectually and elevates your thinking, your reasoning, and increases your general IQ. So by no means must you stop reading.

Those that read more, learn a bit more about how things work, and so tend to do things differently.

Therefore do not use the point I made earlier as an excuse for not feeding your mind, and starving it of knowledge and insight.

The secret, however, lies in Action

The problem we have these days is, we have people who want to become successful but do not do the things that help them achieve this. You need to get up and act on what you know. That is the ONLY genuine formulae for success.

And by action, I do not mean buying a lottery ticket. I am not saying you should never buy lottery tickets either. Feel free to buy as many lottery tickets as you wish, just don’t pin too high hopes on it.

Do not just fantasize about becoming successful. Go out and start something.

A person who goes to work makes up their mind once in the morning to go to work. They then get up, prepare themselves and go to work. What they do not do is, decide to go to work, and then pick up a book about going to work.

They do not spend the rest of the day, thinking about how they are going to get to work. They do not worry about the subway being on time or being canceled.

If they find that the subway service has been canceled, they improvise and make sure they get to work. They may be late in arriving at work, but they will surely get there. That is the power of ACTION. It gets you there in the end.

Therefore why should becoming successful be any different?

It isn’t and it shouldn`t be different. You can adopt this illustration in your own life. You only need to decide once that you want to become successful.

The rest of the time must be spent DOING things that will bring you that success. Simple! So don’t sit around believing that reading alone will bring what you need.

Also, you may want to know that, watching TV will not make you successful either. Nor will watching every episode of the Shark Tank, or the Dragons Den.

It`s good entertainment I`ll give you that. But that’s all it is. So don’t waste your time doing everything else except the one thing that really matters and that’s Taking Action.

3. Gambling

Never gamble to become successful. You will never achieve anything by gambling. You will only succeed in losing everything you have. 

And this is coming from someone who once tried it. You see, I once decided to start betting on European football games. I thought I had come up with a definite winning system that was loss-proof.

The plan was I would only pick the top teams when they played against the smaller teams and put them on an accumulator bet.

These big teams were expected to win anyway, so that meant I was only betting on sure results, or so I thought.

Now that’s not a bad plan, is it?

Surely nothing could go wrong with this concrete betting solution. Why hasn`t anybody else thought of it? I asked. The fools! I am going to clean up here.

Well, let me tell you something, they call it gambling for a reason. I got cleaned up real good. When I won it was never enough to cover my previous loses, – but it was just enough to keep me sweet so I would continue hoping and coming for more.

Thank God I quickly realized I was on a one-way track to financial ruin and I quit before losing my sanity. No matter how clever you are, no matter how well you hedge your bets, the house always comes out tops.

Don’t try it! It may end up being the worst decision you ever made.

4. Ponzi Schemes.

My Statistics project at University included a discussion of Pyramid schemes. We had to conduct an investigation of the Pyramid/Ponzi business model.

The truth about these schemes is that they do not make anybody successful. The only people who benefit from these schemes are those at the top of the pyramid.

It all depends on what stage you of the pyramid you join. The further you are from the top the more likely you are to lose all your investment.

Don’t ever take part in a pyramid scheme of any kind. The majority of investors in these schemes lose money. More importantly, Ponzi schemes are now illegal in most countries. However, that does not mean that they are now a thing of the past.

Creators of these schemes are constantly inventing new ways to beat the law, albeit, exploiting the ambiguity of the interpretation of the law.

5. Multi-Level-Marketing Schemes

You also need to be very watchful of multi-level marketing schemes that may be sold to you before you decide to buy into them.

I have seen a lot of people who end up with a lot of products they can`t sell due to limited selling skills.  And of course, we can`t ignore the very low bank balance that remains after buying lots of unmovable inventory.

There is a reason why buy the products upfront is the way to access so-called success opportunities offered by into multi-level marketing companies.

It boosts their sells and profits when people buy ill-thought-out, misguided and impulsive investments into the opportunities they offer.

 The truth is if the products are such easy sellers, why don’t they just allow you to sell the products on a, sell or return basis, without requiring an initial investment up front?

While multi-level marketing programs can bring real financial success to those with good selling skills, you should stay well clear of them if you are not sure of your own selling ability. Don’t bite off more than you can chew all in the name of ambition.

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