This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SUCCESSFUL.-6jpg.jpgAlmost everyone wants to get rich. Even those that are already rich want to get even richer. We all want a taste of the good life. Hence, if you are dreaming of getting rich, you are not alone.

Unfortunately, as it is obvious to you, only a handful of people in the world end up becoming highly successful. In fact, through misguidance or lack of knowledge, some actually believe that true success is a privilege reserved for the carefully selected, lucky few.

Well, the Lottery is for the lucky few, and it has nothing to do with the process of getting rich. Becoming successful is an undertaking that has well-defined principles and rules that can be followed.

And the good news is that these guidelines can be followed and implemented by absolutely anyone, including you.

So what do I need to be successful?

Well, first you need to have the right mindset. Everything begins with a thought. If you can think it, then you can become it.

The fight to get rich is won and lost in the thought process. If you think, `yes I can`, then indeed you will.

If you are like, `Ummm, not sure about that one`, then I can assure you, nothing will happen. Belief is everything. Those who make it do so because they do believe.

One of the best motivational speakers of all time Jim Rohn, once said, ` If you take all the wealth from all the millionaires in the world, and share it equally among all the people in the world, within few years most of the wealth would have gone back to the same rich people`.

And that is so very true. The reason for that is the mindset. Others believe more than others that they can. The fact that they have done it before reinforces their self-belief even further.

Therefore do not hate people for living it up when they become successful, because you too can make it if only you can dare to believe.

So I ask you; Do you think you CAN? Do you think you have what it takes to be rich? Your answers to these questions will determine whether or not you will become rich.

Okay, I believe, so what next?

Well, you will need to do a few things in order to make it. First, you need to act. Don’t just say you can, and then sit and do nothing about it. Success only comes as a result of activity.

The world is full of people who have said they CAN, but they HAVEN`T, because they did not mix action with the affirmation, ` I CAN. Affirmations are only useful to the extent that they motivate ACTION.

Set an objective

You need to set a goal and then devote all your energies towards that goal. Merely saying I want to get rich, or shouting that you CAN a thousand times without actually specifying your goals is meaningless.

Don’t waste your voice, dear friend. Setting a Specific goal helps quantify your target. And by quantifying the objectives, you begin to understand the sort of effort that will be required to achieve that objective.

Work Smart

Getting rich will mean working very, very hard. But an even more important question is; working hard doing what?

Unless you work smart, you can spend a lot of your time working your fingers to the bone and yet never ever see any of those riches that they talk about.

That is because working hard to become successful requires you to direct your effort efficiently, and spend most of your time on those tasks that will bring you the greatest benefits. Don’t waste time on work that doesn’t bring you value. Your time is too precious and valuable to be wasted.

Make a Plan.

They say a goal without a plan is nothing more than just a wish. Therefore you need to think carefully how you will achieve your objective.

Make a solid plan and stick to it. Think of everything and never leave anything to chance. If it is work, plan that work efficiently so that you will derive the highest results from your effort.

You will have limited resources to work with. Plan carefully how you will spend those resources. If you fail to plan your work properly, you risk losing your precious resources, and fall flat on your face in the process.

Develop Yourself

In order to give yourself the best chance of being successful you will need to be willing to learn and develop your own skills.

Read a lot and enrol on courses that will add to your knowledge-base of how things work. Learn from others. Be curious to find out how others have done it and learn those skills.

One thing that I can guarantee you is that you will never become successful unless you are willing to learn what you don’t know. Being inspired is all very well. But what are you inspired to do?

Being inspired without knowledge and intelligence only makes you an inspired Idiot. Therefore in order to succeed you will need to prioritise your learning and self-development.

Be Patient

A lot of people never manage to get rich because they have no patience. They want it and want it now. The process of getting rich takes time. For a start, planning will take a lot of time.

The process of actually executing that plan will also take a long time. For you to start getting results from your efforts, it will also take time.

Therefore if you are serious about bringing success to your life then you will need to understand that it will take a lot of time before you can start to reap the fruits of your toil.

Those who are impatient, those who look for the quick buck, will only succeed in losing the little resources that they have and ultimately failing to achieve anything.

Be Relentless

Have unwavering determination. Never give up and never back down no matter what challenges come your way. Fight for the life you want, fight for what you believe you are worth. Let me be honest with you, getting rich is not easy.

A lot have tried and failed because they only had enough belief to try. Don’t be one of those who try. Be one of those who actually DO it.

Trying is for losers. Those that DO, do it regardless of what obstacles they face. They are relentless in their efforts to become rich.

These are just a few ideas that I have put together to help you to find a path for yourself. The above list is not by any means exhaustive. Think carefully of other ideas that you can use in order to give yourself a good chance at success.

Hey, we only get one very short life to live and that’s it. Once you are done living yours, that`s it. You don’t get overtime. So why not make the most of it while you still CAN, huh?

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