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Business Success does not come to people easily. These days because of the celebrity culture people often make the mistake of thinking that success will come both quick and easy.

The truth, however, is that those who think that, are never successful. They waste their time, and in most cases their money looking for get-rich-quick schemes that don’t actually make anybody rich.

The Celebrity Entrepreneur

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Media just loves successful people. You will be surprised at how many media houses will want you to appear in their publications once you become successful. Every organization wants to portray success in line with their own definitions of it.

Therefore you will find yourself with a lot of invitations to tell your story. Only you never get to tell it. That is because people tend to ignore, the how part. In other words, they don’t really care about how you did it.

They are more impressed by the fact that you have graced their platform, and that raises their own business profiles.

That is why they never give successful entrepreneurs enough time to tell exactly how they got to where they are. Work is after all not sexy. People are not interested in stories of toiling. They are more interested in trivia, trash, and controversy.

That is essentially why we never see hardworking people, juggling with 3 jobs being invited to cable news networks to give interviews of how hard they work, and what challenges they face.

The celebrity portrayal of success, and hard work, don’t sail on the same boat. If you work hard no one is interested.

And yet it is that hard work that is most helpful to those who want to emulate success.
It is quite sad that Hard work does not, or is never used to inspire hard work.

Why the celebrity lifestyle focus?

As I said before, the celebrity portrayal of success focuses on the wrong thing. Have you ever wondered why media houses are mostly interested in the way successful entrepreneurs live their lives rather than how they became successful?

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We are constantly bombarded by articles about how big their new house is, what they are worth now, what cars they drive, which parties they attend, and with whom, etc.

The amount of time that successful business people spend actually telling their stories, is very small. That doesn’t sell magazines and TV time. What sells is what a person does in their current private life.

And you can’t blame the media for focussing more on what they can sell. They are in business to make money and so will do the things that bring in that money.

It never Teaches you anything

The celebrity portrayal of successful entrepreneurs is highly misleading. It will never help you in any way, shape, or form. Some will argue that by looking at the successful lives of business people you will become motivated to achieve the same success. Well in theory that is true.

However, in reality, very few people actually use that motivation to bring success to their own lives. In most cases, those that decide to do anything at all about it only focus on chasing the quick buck.

They want to live the successful life right away so they start patrolling the internet looking for the next big thing hoping that it is them that will come up with it.

The real WORK

Getting into business and succeeding is in reality extremely difficult and tough. It is not for the faint-hearted.

If successful people were to tell you how they began, the long hours they spent working, the sleepless nights they spent worrying when things went bad, the humiliation they suffered when they begged people to open doors for them, etc, you would begin to have a clearer picture of what it takes to become successful.

If you are serious about bringing success to your life then let me be honest with you right now; it will be very hard.

In fact, most people who set out to bring success to their lives fail. Only those who refuse to be defeated, and keep getting up to try again, are the only ones who end up actually succeeding. Be prepared for anything. No matter how rough it gets, stay in the game.

In conclusion

Forget what you see being portrayed by magazines, TV networks, and newspapers as being the description success. That is the end stage of the story. You should be focussing more on the beginning.

The start of the story will be more helpful to you than the end. Stop caring about how the rich live and start focussing on what was involved for them to get rich. Love the journey, not the destination, for it is the journey that will get you to the destination.

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