This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ARSENE.jpgSome sections of Arsenal fans will not like what I am about to say here. And I am sorry for that. But sadly facts do not lie.

The truth of the matter is that the club would do a lot better with a change in management. Arsene Wenger has nothing else to offer the club and here is why. First, the old man is still stuck in 1996.

Back then it was all about building winning teams within set budgets and balancing books. Clubs were self-sustaining and we did not have other clubs with rich big brothers backing them.

So it was possible to control what you spend on players and still achieve success. The players market itself was stable and quality players could be found on the cheap.

But that is no longer the case and sadly Arsene Wenger has not smelt the coffee yet. The misguided manager thinks he can still bag quality bargains in this day and age.

Let me tell you something Mr. Arsene Wenger, the only bargains you can get now are the likes of; South Korean Park Chu-young whom the club declared worthless in their books midway through his contract,  the hopeless Marouane Chamakh, the unimpressive Yohan Djourou, Gervinho, Andre Santos, and the hilarious Yaya Sonogo.

That list of signings alone should tell all Arsenal fans that this manager is no longer the man to take the club into the next phase of success. Those players are not even good enough for a mid-table club let alone the once mighty Gunners.

They say insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. Wenger`s refusal to sign a decent striker in the hope that Bendtner would somehow start delivering goals is one of the most amazing decisions he has ever made.

This year Arsenal had a solid defense, the best midfield in the country, and all they needed was the true goal scorer and they would be champions.

Every football fan the world could see that. But not Mr. Arsene Wenger. He is the only one who could see the value in putting faith Giroud and Sonogo. And it is no surprise that the sad Gooners are yet again in a scrap for 4th.

The Arsenal manager’s performance on the transfer market over the last few years has been nothing but average.

I mean, does anybody know why in August 2011 he waited until the team had been mauled by Manchester United 8-2 before signing any players? The after effects of that humiliation was a panic buying episode that saw the manager buying five players on transfer deadline day.

One wonders whether someone had just told him the biggest kept secret; that he could actually sign players during a transfer window. How dare they kept such a secret from him till the last day of the transfer window?

And then there is the youth policy. Yes, no one will deny that if used effectively a youth development model can bring tremendous success to a football club.

You only need to look at FC Barcelona. But then at Arsenal, their idea is to develop great talent and then sell it on for a profit. That model is as ridiculous as giving Arsene Wenger a new contract.

What about his mismanagement of players` contracts. Why were key Arsenal players like Gael Clichy, Flamini, Samir Nasri, and Robin Van Persie allowed to run down their contracts to the last year, while useless players like Arshavin, Djourou, Bendtner and the injury-prone Abou Diaby all enjoyed long deals?

You don’t even have to be a high-profile football manager to know that you give long contracts to your best players so as to tie them down and give short ones to non-performing players. Not at Arsenal.

A manager that makes these many mistakes does not deserve to get a new contract. He always boasts that he has always finished in the top four.

But that does not mean anything because he never has any chance of winning the damn thing. So why fight to qualify for something when you are just going to make the numbers? Why even regard it as an achievement?

The only people who benefit from qualifying for the Champions league are the owners because with it comes a huge purse that they are quite happy to put safely away.

No one will ever dispute what Arsene Wenger has achieved at the club. And with that in mind, the best thing that he can do for the club now is to win the FA Cup, qualify for next year’s Champions League, and then walk away with his head held high.

He will certainly not be short of places to go to. I`m sure PSG are waiting to roll out the red carpet for him and he would do well to jump at the chance.

So if you are an Arsenal fan fighting for Wenger to stay, feel free to share your own view.

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