A California mum of three is unhappy that she was told to cover her cleavage by a Disney staff member while on a trip to the California Adventure Park in Anaheim.

She told 10 News: “This gentleman out of nowhere comes up to me and just says, ‘You need to pull your top up,’ and I was looking at him like, ‘Excuse me? Are you serious?’
“I guess women with large chests are expected to wear turtlenecks their whole lives.
“This was our first family vacation, and for me, it was ruined.”

The question, however, is why she feels that the whole world needs to know about this. Does she feel she has a case for discrimination? The bottom line is it is a private matter between her, the staff member, and Disney.

It only becomes relevant to the public if there is a case for discrimination in which case she should have taken the issue with the courts. The fact that she has not taken legal action against Disney seems to suggest that she does not actually feel she was discriminated against.

Where do we stop? If someone is denied entry to a night club or a party for not meeting the dress code requirements should we then call news networks and make headlines of it. One wonders where this world is coming to.

According to Disneyland’s website, attire that is considered inappropriate at the amusement park includes, among other things, ‘Clothing which by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin.’

In that regard, if Disney felt the lady had not met their standard of dressing, then were they not within their rights to approach and ask her to make a correction? Why should the Organization bother stating the dress standard if they then don’t police it?

A lot of thought and consideration has obviously been put by the organization into coming up with such a dress requirement.

Every organization has a right to decide such things as they feel appropriate and Disney is no exception.

After all, they have millions of other customers to keep happy. I was watching a TV program the other day where an airline passenger was told to buy two tickets because it was felt she was a big woman.

She was clearly not happy at the insinuation that she is fat. Now should she have made news headlines about it? I think there are more important things going on in the world to worry about some of these petty things.

That being said, any organization that discriminates against anyone for whatever reason must be publicly exposed and shamed.

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