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NATO has announced that it is taking immediate steps to boost its military presence in Eastern Europe in response to what they describe as, Russian “aggression” in Ukraine.

The 28 nation military alliance`s Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, announced that NATO had agreed on a package of further military measures to reinforce its members’ defenses in Eastern Europe.

The alliance said it would deploy more air and sea forces, and also bolster its readiness to send in land forces, to the Baltic and Eastern Mediterranean.

Mr. Rasmussen warned the Russian government to demonstrate clearly that, “it doesn’t support the violent actions of well-armed militias or pro-Russian separatists” in Eastern Ukraine.

The decision came amid increasing tensions between the two sides and chaotic scenes as pro-Russian militias are alleged to have taken two Ukrainian soldiers hostage, according to the Ukrainian government.

Ukraine’s defense minister said the two soldiers had been seized “by extremists” near the town of Krasnyi Luch in Lugansk province and are being held at an unknown location.

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk accused Russia of building “a new Berlin Wall” in a return to the Cold War era – and “exporting terrorism” to his country.”

All of these terrorist operations by the Russian special services are not just unacceptable, they are an international crime,” he said.

In Donetsk, at least 20 masked pro-Russian gunmen are said to have taken control of the mayor’s office.

Moscow continues to deny any involvement in the Eastern Ukraine crisis.

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