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Have you ever wondered why people end up starting businesses? The prospect of going it alone can be very daunting to most. We often imagine that those who start businesses were lucky to be born with special qualities that we couldn’t possibly possess. Nothing could be further from the truth. With proper planning, efficient execution and unyielding determination you too can do it. But the big question still remains;

Why should I bother starting a business?
After all I have a good job that pays me well, and I live a fairly comfortable life. That is all plausible and I am not here to make you do anything that you don’t want to do. I just want to give you a different perspective to life. Allow me therefore to discuss with you some of the reasons why you should seriously consider starting a business.
Personal Freedom & Empowerment
Being your own boss gives you absolute personal freedom to earn a living in a way you choose. You are accountable to no one but yourself. You are totally free to do things your own way. You can start each day at a time of your choosing, take a holiday when you want, implement your own business plan, service customers in a way you are comfortable, and so forth. The list goes on but I think most will be glad that they will no longer have to deal with that annoying, obnoxious office manager. Besides you feel empowered when you start your own business. You no longer need to depend on your employer to provide you with a decent living. You can go out there and earn your own living without ever needing to depend on anyone.
Getting rich
The more obvious reason why you should consider starting your own business is, to become rich. I do not care what anybody else tells you, most people start businesses to make money. There may be other secondary motivations but primarily people go out there to attain financial gains. Given this desire to get rich, one has to think of ways to get rich. I am glad to tell you right now that, starting your own business is the only legitimate and genuinely plausible way to achieve that objective. Working, gambling, and a host of other illicit ways that we will discuss another time, will never make you rich. You simply give yourself the best chance to become rich by starting a business.
Personal Fulfilment
Some people`s own personal fulfilment goes beyond financial gains. They want to feel they have achieved something special in their lives. Some have the desire to change the way people do things. Other more ambitious people even dream of changing the world. Well if this is you then starting your own business is the way to do it. Mark Zuckerberg changed the world through his ultimate social media invention, Facebook. He brought power to the people through social media and that had never been possible before. Now people, through social media, can bring down governments. But that was only possible because he chose to start a business.

Empowered to have Charity
Starting a business gives you the power to give to those less fortunate. Whatever dream you have for your community, town, city or country, it can be achieved by starting a business. If you have a stronger inclination to help other people then it is all possible through business. I have a childhood friend who approached me for advice. She wanted to set up an orphanage and wanted me to do a proposal for her to go and seek funding. Instead of starting the orphanage and then hope to survive on donations, I advised her to start a business and then use the profits from the business to open the orphanage. She set up a wedding planning and bridal business and it took off. Needless to say, she now runs two orphanages which house 16 children. That all became possible because she started a business.
To avoid wasting away
Some people have too much potential to be stuck in a job that is going nowhere. Starting a business can provide a great opportunity for people to realise their full potential. Why waste away in dead-end jobs when you could be doing much more. Life is too short and the time to act is now. The last thing you want is to look back when you are old and wish you had done more with your life. Just as Jackie Robinson rightly stated;

Life is not a spectator sport. If you are going to spend your whole life in the grand stand just watching what goes on, in my opinion you are wasting your life”-Jackie Robinson
Self-Discovery and Development
Starting and running a business will give you a good opportunity to discover and develop yourself. It is obvious to you that, not everyone knows everything. There are skills that you may not possess but are essential to running a business. Suddenly you will find you know so little about the business world. Such knowledge gaps present a chance for you to get education, training and gain experience to enable you to run your own business successfully. Being an entrepreneur requires, constant active learning and development, and so once you embark of this journey, you also embark on a self-discovery and self-development adventure. You will never know exactly what you are capable of unless you start your own business.
What will you leave your children and those generations that will follow you? How do you want your great, great, grandchildren to know about you? Setting up a business gives you the best chance to build a legacy that is worth passing down to future generations. Remember this;
Once you are dead, the only thing you will have left is your Legacy.
It is too easy
Finally, you should start a business because it is so very easy to do. These days there is just so much support for aspiring entrepreneurs that it has become a lot easier to get into business. With the benefits of technology, you can start a business in a matter of days. Also, there are a lot more people willing to invest in new businesses these days than ever before. There is a whole network of funders looking for businesses to invest in and so you have absolutely no excuse why you should not start a business today.
I hope this article will give you the inspiration that will see you embark on a business adventure that will change not only your life, but the whole world.

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