It`s that time of the year again when most of us sit down and make our resolutions for the new year. It sort of gives us a psychological, feel-good factor, about changing something in our lives.

You may set yourself the goal to quit smoking or to get a hold of your personal finances, or it could be that you have always wanted to start your own business.

Whatever your wish for the year may be, there is never a time during the year when the desire to make something happen in one`s life is stronger than in January. This is because in January, psychologically we feel as if we have been given another chance to start all over again.

However, as you already know, for most, a lot of these resolutions get abandoned before they even get to March. This is mainly because they make their resolutions based on emotions rather than a focus on reality.

Consequently, they set themselves, too high objectives, without carefully assessing the corresponding effort necessary to achieve those goals. That is a recipe for failure and it is no surprise that comes December, nothing will have been achieved.

Therefore as you sit down to set your goals for this year, I just want you to think of a few factors that may help you make attainable resolutions.


The first thing you may want to do is conduct a self-reflection exercise. Take an audit of your life. Think about, your weaknesses, your strengths, the resources available to you, and so forth.

Knowing such things can help you decide what is achievable and what isn’t. Consider resolutions that you have set in the past and try to see if you completed them. If not, try to understand why you failed.

Making these considerations will help you adjust yourself so that you will not fall in the same traps as before and fail again.

Be Specific

You must not be vague about what you want to achieve. Set clear goals that can be measured in terms of progress. Tell someone who you trust about your resolutions and become accountable to them.

You may want to pick someone who you are sure will be able to challenge you when you start to lose motivation. Set specific times in the year when you will stop, look back and assess your progress.

Be Realistic

The risk here is that, because emotions about achieving something meaningful, are strongest in January, people tend to go crazy with their resolutions. The emotional hype makes them set unrealistic and unachievable personal targets.

For example, it is all very well to decide that you want to have made a million dollars by the end of the year, but if that goal is not supported by concrete strategies to achieve it, it will fail.

You must understand the effort that will be required of you to successfully achieve your resolution. This will help you to prepare yourself mentally for the tasks ahead. Therefore use your self-reflection analysis to give you an idea of what can be done and what cannot.

Talk is Cheap

Get on with it. Don’t waste time thinking about it. The more time you think about it, the fewer chances you have of starting it. Be a person of action. If it is smoking you want to stop then just do it now. Don’t go buy that `last pack ever`.

Because that last pack will be the beginning of your failure. Do not dither, just start on your resolution right away. Even if you don’t have enough resources to complete the task, just start. The rest of the things you will need, you will pick up on the way.

This article: How to become successful: The unstoppable mindset, has some insightful information that may build your mindset when setting resolutions

Keep Going

Always remember that success will not come cheap. It requires effort and lots of it. Therefore do not be tempted to give up when things get tough.

If it is too easy then it is probably not worth your time and effort. Always keep going and remember it is a marathon, not a sprint.  Therefore keep calm and go one step at a time.

I hope these few ideas will help you turn this year into a very productive one for your life.

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