Good health is highly dependent on how much food and the type of that food, that we eat. What a person habitually eats is what constitutes his or her diet.  Good diets are those that possess high nutritional value with sufficient fibres needed by the body. Bad diet on the other hand consists of unhealthy foods that damage one`s health.

unhealthy Food

People become overweight because they eat foods and take drinks that have more calories than they need. Unfortunately bad unhealthy food actually tastes quite good and that makes it even more difficult to control diets.

However if you value your health and hence ultimately your life, which I have no doubt you do, then you will need to start eating right. Eating a healthy diet can reduce your risk of obesity and illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and some types of cancer. Good thing we are at the start of the year and hence you can add, `good eating habits`, as part of your resolutions for this year.

So what foods should make up my diet?

Well that`s a good question. A lot of people have a misconception of what healthy foods are.

Diet coke

Foods such as Pre-made Smoothies, Diet fizzy drinks such as diet coke, muffins, frozen yoghurt, fat-free cakes, Multi-Grain and Wheat Breads and many more foods and drinks that get touted as healthy options are actually not healthy at all.

A Healthy diet is one that is nutritionally balanced.  You need to eat a range of foods to get all of the nutrients and fibre that your body needs. There are essentially five, main categories of food that the body needs. These are, Foods containing Starch, such as, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, Fruit and vegetables, diary-foods such as, milk, cheese, yoghurt, and other dairy products, Protein foods such as, meat, fish, eggs, and beans, and foods that are high in Fat or Sugar.

The key to a good, balanced diet is to have the right quantity of each class of food in your diet each day. The problem is that people they tend to have too much of one class and not enough of the others. Another point is that, the fact that you need all five classes of food in your diet does not actually mean that you need to have them in equal proportions.

healthy food

You will find that a balanced diet is one that has more of one class foods and less of another. For instance, a good diet will have more of fibre rich vegetables and less of sugar and fatty foods.

Therefore the key is to get the right proportion of each class of food in your daily diet. In the course of this year, I will be giving you diets that you can follow which are good for your health.

One last thing that I want to say here is that, quantity matters. Too much of a good thing will end up being bad. Portion size is one of the key issues to healthy eating. Those who want to lose weight and keep it off will need to develop the discipline to always eat well-measured portions. Eating large portions of foods is one of the main contributing factors to obesity.


Make this the year when you decide to get a grip on your health by eating right and exercising. Never ignore the importance of physical activity of the body. We at the Yard will be with you throughout the course of this year and will provide you with all the support we can give you in your endeavour to live healthy lives.

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